Counselling for Chronic Illness in Reading​

Counselling for Chronic Illness in Reading​

Chronic Illness Counselling in Reading, Berkshire

Managing the Effects of Chronic Illness

A chronic illness lasts for a long time and usually cannot be cured completely, although some illnesses can be controlled or managed through lifestyle changes and medications. A diagnosis of a chronic illness can have far reaching psychological consequences. It is normal to experience a range of emotions in the wake of such a diagnosis. However, you can learn to cope with these feelings and live a more satisfying life.

A long-term health diagnosis can have a devastating impact and can also influence relationships with your family, friends and colleagues. By offering a safe and confidential environment, counselling and psychotherapy can help you to explore your feelings and emotions. I can assist you to build new ways of dealing with your illness emotionally and enable you to cope with the impact of a chronic medical diagnosis. 

What is Chronic Illness?

A chronic illness, disease or condition is a long-term medical condition. A chronic illness cannot normally be cured with medical treatment. The NHS also describes to chronic illnesses as “long term physical health conditions”.

Examples of Chronic Illnesses

According to the Department of Health more than 15 million people in the UK are currently living with at least one chronic illness and this number is expected to continue to rise. There are many conditions prevalent in the UK that are described as chronic, some are:

How Can Michelle Eve Counselling Help me with a Chronic Illness?
Michelle Eve Counselling

Because each person and their diagnosis are different, I use an integrative approach, my techniques include person-centred, psychodynamic and CBT based on your requirements and what suits you best.  My consulting room is a safe space to help you make positive changes to enrich your life and discover new ways of living you life to its fullest.

My approach to therapy is to work with clients in a non-prescriptive, supportive, respectful and non-judgemental environment to make sense of how you are feeling and the issues you are dealing with.